Unbounce Tutorial

Step 1

Login to your Unbounce account and enter the edit mode of your Unbounce landing page. Click then on the tab "Domains" at the left hand side of your Unbounce Dashboard.

Step 2

In the next step click on the domain on which you want to integrate Userlike. Choose then from the drop-down menu "Add Script to Domain".

Step 3

Now click on "Add a script".

Step 4

Choose to add a "Custom Script" to your landing page. Additionally, you have the possibility to name your script, for example "Userlike Widget". Proceed to the next step by clicking on "Add Script Details".

Step 5

Now paste your Userlike Widget Code in the "Script Details" field:

To finish the integration of Userlike in Unbounce, please click "Save and Push changes Live".

Step 6

Congratulations. Userlike is now successfully added to your Unbounce landing page.