Google Tag Manager Tutorial


Using the Tagmanager to manage advanced Userlike setups? Check out our new Widget Router feature, which is as powerful but easier to set up and maintain! More on Userlike Widget Routing

The Google Tag Manager allows you to integrate the Userlike chat in a flexible way. Get your Tag Manager account here.

The advantages of using the Tag Manager with Userlike are:

  • You can easily set up different Widgets, like ones with proactive and normal behavior depending on the URL they're used on.
  • Set up multiple Widgets with different languages based on the domain or URL.
  • Change your Chat Widget setup without deploying your website, so that changes can be made without the help of the IT department.

If you are already using the Tag Manager you can set up the chat in 3 simple steps.

  1. Create a Tag with the Userlike javascript
  2. Assign this Tag to a URL Rule e.g. All Page
  3. Publish and you are ready to go

In this tutorial we will show you the detailed setup process including the initial Tag Manager setup.

Step 1

Create a new Tag Manager Container for your website.

Step 2

Grab you Tag Manager Javascript code and install on your website. Please refer to Google's documentation how to install the code.

Step 3

Create a new Tag with the Tag Type "Custom HTML".

Step 4

Give it a name and paste your Userlike Widget Code. Make sure to check the option "Support document.write".

Step 5

Add a Firing Rule to the Tag.

Step 6

You have your basic setup ready.

Step 7

Publish your setup and you are ready to use Userlike.