Shopify Tutorial

The Canadian SaaS shopping cart system is one of the most rapidly growing solutions for ecommerce shop owners. With our integration, Userlike’s chat button and Chat Widget will be placed in your Shopify shop, making it easy to connect with your users.

Step 1

Log in to your Shopify backend. Select "Online Store" from the navigation under "Sales Channels".

Step 2

Click on "Customize theme" in the "Themes" section of Shopify.

Step 3

Click on "Theme options" and select "Edit HTML/CSS".

Step 4

Select the "theme.liquid" template from the layout folder and go to the bottom of the editor and paste the Userlike Widget Code before the "</body>" tag. If you are logged in at Userlike, you will see the code of your Default Widget below. Hit "Save" and your Shopify shop will be equipped with the Chat Widget.