Cloudflare Tutorial

Step 1

Log in at and enter the Cloudflare Apps dashboard from the top navigation bar.

Step 2

Select the Userlike app from the list of all apps. By using the app search you can find us faster.

Step 3

On the app's details page, click "Preview":

Step 4

In the preview, first connect Cloudflare to your Userlike account.

Clicking the Userlike account icon will open a pop-up, where you can log in with your Userlike credentials.

Once you have successfully logged in, authorize the Cloudflare app.

Step 5

After successful authorization, the pop-up closes and a drop-down list with all your available Userlike Chat Widgets appears. Select the one you want to use on your Cloudflare page.

Once the selected Chat Widget appears in the preview, click "Install" in the lower left corner to install the Userlike app.

Step 6

After a successful install, the Userlike app now appears in your "Installed Apps" in the Cloudflare Apps dashboard.

From here, you can always edit your Userlike app, for example if you want to use another Widget.