Wix Tutorial

Step 1

Log in to your Wix account. In your Wix dashboard, click **My Sites** on the top left and select the site where you want to integrate the chat. If you only have one site, you will already see it on the home screen of your Dashboard.

Step 2

Go to **Settings** in the menu to the left, then scroll down to the **Tracking Tools** section. Click on **New Tool** and create a **Custom** object.

Step 3

Copy your Userlike Widget code. If you’re logged in to Userlike, you’ll see your default Widget’s code just below.

  • To avoid CSS conflicts with the chat client, we advise you not to use `iframe { !important }` in your CSS. Better be more specific and exclude the Userlike chat client by using `iframe:not(.userlike) { !important }`.
  • To find another Widget’s code, go to the Widget overview, click a Widget’s name to open its settings, then go to **Install > JavaScript Widget code**.

    Step 4

    Paste your Userlike Widget code into the top box and give your script a name so you can easily find it later. Select **All Pages** and keep the **Load code once** option in place. Under the **Place Code in** option select **Body - end**.

    Click on **Apply** to complete the setup. Your Userlike chat is now integrated and visible on your Wix site.

    Start chatting

    To start chatting with your visitors, log in to the Userlike Message Center, set yourself to online – and chat away!