Typo3 Tutorial

Step 1

Go to the Extension Manager in your Typo3 backend and switch to the "Get Extensions" view in the top drop-down menu.

Step 2

Refresh the list of extensions, then search for Userlike to get our latest extension.

Step 3

Click the button to import and install the Userlike Typo3 extension.

Step 4

Go to the page management and select the page where you want to add the Userlike plugin. Then click on the "Content" button to add a new element.

Step 5

Select "Plugins" and the Userlike Widget from the plugin list.

Step 6

Configure the plugin by pasting the secret key of the Userlike Widget you want use on your Typo3 page. Then save the plugin.

Step 7

Congratulations. Userlike will now appear on your website.