Shopware Tutorial

Step 1

Get the Userlike plugin right from the Shopware Community Store. Click on **Add to shopping cart**.

Step 2

Click **Proceed to checkout** and go through the checkout process.

Step 3

On the checkout page, click **Send order**.

Step 4

Log in to your Shopware account and go to **Licenses** via the left navigation bar. Then click **Details / Download** next to the Userlike plugin.

Step 5

Click the **Download** button.

Step 6

Now log in to the admin area of your Shopware shop. In the **Configuration** menu, click on **Plugin Manager**.

Step 7

In the **Plugin Manager**, choose **Installed**, select the plugin file that you downloaded in Step 5 and click **Upload plugin**.

Step 8

Install the Userlike plugin by clicking the green **+** icon.

Step 9

Now you are asked to enter your Userlike Widget key. To find a Widget’s key, open its settings via **Channels** > **Website Widgets** and go to **Install > Credentials for applications**. After entering the key click **Save plugin settings**.

Step 10

Congratulations! Userlike is now integrated into your Shopware shop.