HTML Tutorial

Widget implementation

Find the unique Widget code under Channels Website Widgets Select a Widget Install JavaScript Widget code . Paste the code into the bottom of your website, just before the closing </body> tag. Save your modified website and upload it to your web server. Congratulations, you are done!

  • We strongly advise you to place the script within the body tag of the website to ensure correct loading behavior of the chat client.
  • To avoid CSS conflicts with the chat client, we advise you not to use `iframe { !important }` in your CSS. Better be more specific and exclude the Userlike chat client by using `iframe:not(.userlike) { !important }`.
  • Due to the JavaScript sandbox restriction, it is not possible to view the file via the local file:// protocol and run the script. If you want to test the Widget on a local file, you need to run it via a local web server.