Contact Import

You can import a large list of contacts into your database with the contact import tool in the Message Center.

How do I import contacts?

Open the Message Center and head to the Contacts section menu on the left. You’ll see an overview of all contacts. Now click the button "Contact imports" in the upper right hand corner.

Click on “+New contact import” to begin.

Choose a CSV file to upload and add a description.

  • **Maximum file size**: 10MB
  • **Maximum rows in the CSV**: 20.000

In the following step you can map CSV headings to Userlike data fields and choose one unique identifier, which gives you the option to update already existing contacts in the next step.

When mapping, keep in mind that different fields need different formats. In our example above, mapping the “Name” field to Userlike’s “Customer ID” field is not possible, because it requires only numbers, while the “Name” field could also include letters.

In the next step, choose whether you want to only add new contacts, only update existing contacts, or update existing and add new ones. For both options that offer to update existing contacts you have to have selected a unique identifier in the previous step.

In the final step, you can now choose to start the import right away or save it for later.

The import will then be queued and will take a short time to be uploaded. Once the import is complete, its status will change.


Once the import is complete, you can open a report and receive a popup with a quick overview. This shows how many contacts were imported / how many were skipped / how many were updated / if there were errors.

If you then click into "See report" you’ll receive the full report in a new window.

In case of any errors, the status will update accordingly.


You have 24 hours to revert an import before it is finalized.

If you revert an import, the status changes to “in progress” again. Please note that during this process, no other import is possible.

What is a unique identifier?

The unique identifier is the data field we use to match contacts in your file with existing contacts in Userlike. This gives you the option to update the remaining data of existing contacts or exclude these contacts from being imported. That way, no new (possibly duplicate) entries will be created.

You can choose to use a name, email, phone number, mobile number, customer ID and company name as a unique identifier.