WhatsApp Business Tutorial

When your customers think about mobile messaging, most of them will probably think about WhatsApp. In terms of user power, WhatsApp still tops all other messaging apps out there. To tap into that vast potential, Userlike can integrate with the new WhatsApp Business API.

With our integration, your Contacts can reach you from whatever device they run WhatsApp on. Their messages will pop up in your Message Center so that your Operators can deliver the best support.

WhatsApp Business API

To get started with WhatsApp, first apply as **end client** for the official WhatsApp Business API.

Once Facebook confirms that you are eligible for using the API, create a WhatsApp Business API account in Facebook’s Business Manager. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Phone number setup

Add a phone number and choose an associated **display name** in the Facebook Business Manager, then download the **base64-encoded certificate**. Facebook explains these steps here.

Depending on your setup, the display name can be visible to your Contacts, so we recommend using the name of your company or the department that will receive messages from customers via WhatsApp.

Channel setup

For each WhatsApp profile with a unique number that you want to connect with Userlike, you have to create a WhatsApp Business Channel. Click here to add a new one.

  • **Channel name:** The name of your WhatsApp Business Channel, not displayed to Contacts.
  • **Profile info**: A short info text that is visible to Contacts when they click your profile in WhatsApp.
  • **Default Widget:** Widget that will handle chats sent to you via WhatsApp. The Widget’s settings apply to assign the right Operator, display the correct language and use the right privacy settings.

Fill out the form and click **Create Channel**.

In the Channel’s settings, you can now add a profile picture that’s displayed to Contacts in WhatsApp.

Final steps with Userlike support

From here on, WhatsApp Business needs to be manually set up by us in correspondence with you.

  1. Contact us and include your phone number, the name of the WhatsApp Business Channel you want to connect to it, and the base64-encoded certificate you downloaded. Agree with our Customer Success team on a time frame during which you will monitor your WhatsApp phone number to receive a registration code via text or voice message.
  2. During the time frame agreed upon we will register the phone number with the backend. You will receive a registration code onto your WhatsApp phone number.
  3. You send us the registration code and we’ll finish the setup, making your WhatsApp Business Channel operational.