Messenger API Tutorial

In case you’re still using the messenger API of our Live Chat product: it will continue to work and you can still access its documentation here. If you’re setting up the messenger API for the first time, we recommend doing so in our Unified Messaging product, as we’ll only update and extend the API here.

With our messenger API you can control the Website Messenger’s behavior and integration beyond the options we provide in our Messenger settings. To go directly to the API’s full documentation on GitHub, click here.

The messenger API allows you to define the start and flow of your chat communication based on your website’s behavior, events and functions. A few potential use cases to give you a better idea:

  • Loading the Website Messenger only after a cookie consent
  • Triggering the chat in certain situations, e.g. a shopping cart exceeding a certain value
  • Loading and removing the Website Messenger on larger single page applications