Zendesk Tutorial


Zendesk is a popular web-based helpdesk software. More than 65 million people around the world receive support from Zendesk-powered customer service departments and help desks. With our integration you can convert conversations into Zendesk tickets to keep track of your conversations.

Create account

Step 1

Go to the **Add-ons** section and select the Zendesk configure option.

Step 2

Then you can enter your Zendesk URL, username, and your Token or password.

Zendesk Credentials

You can choose between API Token or your password for authentication. To generate your API Token, select the gear icon in the bottom left of the Zendesk Dashboard then select API under Channels. Select "add new token" to generate a token to use within the addon configuration.

Sending conversations to Zendesk

In the Message Center, you can now manually send conversations to Zendesk via the action bar above the conversation or via chat command in the input field.

  • $zendesk - Create Zendesk ticket from current conversation

Under **All conversations** you can also send multiple conversations to the add-on.