MailChimp Tutorial


The online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. With our integration you can subscribe your contacts to your MailChimp newsletter list.

Create account

Step 1

Go to the "Add-on Settings" and click the slider button on the right to enter the MailChimp add-on configuration.

Step 2

Here you can enter your "List ID" and "API Token". Update the settings.

MailChimp Credentials

You can find your "List ID" in the "List name & defaults" options of your list settings.

Your "API Token" can be generated in "API keys" inside "Extras" of MailChimp's "Account" section.

You can check first name and last name if you want these fields to be sent to MailChimp when a customer is added to your list. Be sure to check these if first name or last name are defined as required fields.

Adding contacts to your Mailchimp list

In the Message Center, you can now manually send Mailchimp subscription offers to your contacts via the action bar above a conversation or via chat command in the input field.

  • $mailchimp - Send MailChimp subscription offer to the current contact

Under **All conversations** you can also send the offer to the contacts of multiple conversations. Note that before you can trigger the add-on, you have to add their name and email to the **Contact details**.

If you experience any difficulties or issues with our software or our integrations, check out our help section or start a chat with us.