Custom Transcript Handling

This tutorial refers to Userlike’s live chat product. For Userlike’s Unified Messaging tutorials, click here.


We offer you the ability to send the transcripts to your own server via a callback URL, instead of sending the email through our email infrastructure. By doing so you can send the transcript via your own email server infrastructure or helpdesk system to have total control over the sender identity and the return path.

Enable Transcript Callback URL

  1. Go to the transcript settings in the "Chat" tab of your Widget.
  2. Check the "Custom transcript API" box

Request Documentation

Request MethodPOST
Request HeaderAPI-SECURITY-TOKENContains your custom security token
Request BodyJSON


htmlStringHTML version of the email body
receiverStringEmail address of the recipient
subjectStringSubject of the email
textStringRaw text email
messagesArrayAn array with transcript objects

An example of a message object