Facebook Tutorial

As the messaging application of the world’s biggest social network, Facebook Messenger is one of the most dominant communication tools of our time. With our integration, your users can reach you from whatever device they run Messenger on. Their messages will pop up in your Userlike Chat Panel so that your operators can deliver the best support.

In order to use Facebook Messenger with Userlike, you need to connect Userlike to your company’s Facebook fanpage.

To get started with Facebook Messenger, create a new Chat Widget and select Facebook as Widget type in the wizard. Go directly to the Chat Widget wizard.

Step 2

Select your Facebook Messenger Widget in the Widget overview and move on to the tab "Facebook". Enter your fanpage name into the designated field and update the Widget, press "OK", then confirm again and finally authorize Userlike to access your fanpage on Facebook. You need to be admin of the fanpage to grant the authorization.

Step 3

Now, if an operator connected to your Facebook Messenger Widget is online, he will immediately receive messages in the Chat Panel from anyone using Facebook Messenger.

Communicate your Facebook fanpage to your users. It can be found via contact search in your users' Facebook Messenger app.