Set up Chat Butler


It can be hard to always be available in the Chat Panel. Chat Butler can help you out.

Present in the Team Plan and higher, Chat Butler is a simple chatbot that automatically responds to chat requests when no Operator is immediately available. It gathers basic information from your Webvisitor (name and request) while repeatedly notifying your service team that a chat is waiting.

You can configure any of our notification integrations (such as browser notifications, a request to your custom API, e-mail, or Slack) to let Chat Butler notify you about a chat.

As soon as an Operator becomes available, the chat is forwarded and the Webvisitor's request (as determined by Chat Butler) is shown to the Operator as a conversation starter.

If no Operator becomes available before the configured timeout, the bot instead creates an offline message, after giving Webvisitors a chance to add some more information and asking for their e-mail address.

Enable and configure Chat Butler

Chat Butler can be enabled in your Chat Widget settings. In the Dashboard’s left sidebar, open the "Config" section and go to "Widgets". Pick the widget you want to edit from the table of Widgets appearing in the center:

In the Widget's settings, switch to the "Chat" - "Behavior" tab:

Switch the "Offline Mode" setting to "Show Chat Butler". This activates a new category of settings below, where you can customize the bot's name and picture (as shown to your Webvisitors), as well as the timeout for connecting the chat:

Your Widget's service time settings decide when Chat Butler is active. Outside of the configured days and hours, the normal feedback form is displayed instead. This avoids giving your Webvisitors false hope for a chat while your Operators are off duty. These settings are on the same tab, slightly further up:

Additionally, all of the bot’s messages can be customized in the "Wording" tab:

When customizing the messages, keep in mind that the bot's behavior will not change. So your custom messages should get the same points/questions across.

Example: receive notifications on your mobile phone

Through our integrations, you can let your existing tools notify you when Chat Butler wants to forward a chat. E-mail would be the most universal channel. Together with an app for turning e-mail messages into phone notifications, such as Pushover, this means your Operators can receive instant notifications when a Webvisitor is waiting.

Suppose you've set up a delivery group in Pushover. That delivery group has its own dedicated e-mail address, and all of the group's members will receive notifications when an e-mail is sent to that address. You can then set up our EmailTicket addon, in the "Config" - "Addons Settings" category in the Dashboard:

Enter the target e-mail address and check the box for "Incoming messages from Chat Butler":

Notifications will immediately start coming in for new Chat Butler chat connections.