Matomo (formerly Piwik) Tutorial

Open source analytics Piwik is now Matomo. Read the official announcement (in English).
Existing Piwik integrations will continue to work as usual.
For professional services related to Matomo, check out Innocraft's Matomo Analytics Cloud.

Step 1

Go to the Widget overview in your Dashboard and click on a Chat Widget to enter its settings. Open the "Chat" > "Behavior" tab and activate the tracking integration with Matomo in the "Tracking" section. The Widget will now track Userlike chat events and its data will be accessible in your Matomo account.

Step 2

After one day, the new data from your Chat Widget will be accessible in your Matomo account. Therefore, log in to your Matomo account to get your most recent data.

Step 3

In the next step, head to the section "Webvisitors" and click on "Customer Variables". Here you can find the data from your Chat Widget.

Event Description
Proactive_chat_offered_to_webuser Proactive invites offered
Proactive_chat_session_started Number of chat conversation started by an proactive invite
Chat_session_started Number of chat conversation started by the Webvisitor
Offline_message_sent Referring how often the contact form was used

Step 4

Click on one of these event actions, for example "Chat_session_started" to see how they are connected to your operators. Your operators are an event label and help you to compare performance among your team members for any event action.