API Overview

This tutorial refers to Userlike’s live chat product. For Userlike’s Unified Messaging tutorials, click here.

With our different APIs you're able to get notifications about events, request information and customize Userlike's behavior. To give you a better overview of our APIs with their uses and differences, we prepared an orientation table.

Get event notifications

Userlike's API allows you to customize how you will be notified about incoming chats. You can also use it to explore deeper tracking options or to individualize your transcript handling.

API Works with Description Product
JSON API Userlike API requests Manage your chats and offline messages or change the Operator status remotely. Mind the API rate limits. Business
Add-on API User API requests Integrate Userlike into your favorite 3rd party apps or your own notification system. Team
Widget Tracking User API requests Customize your Chat Widget tracking with events designed to provide you with a real-time overview of your chat utilization. Flex
Custom Transcript Handling User API requests Instead of sending emails through our email infrastructure, send transcripts to your own server via a callback URL. Business
External Tracking API JavaScript If you're already using an external website tracking solution, you can integrate it with Userlike and add Userlike-specific interactions. Flex

Customize Userlike's behavior

Use our API to tailor Userlike to your specific requirements. Change the Widget's approach mode dynamically, use JavaScript events on your website to trigger chat events, send your own data into the Chat Panel or fully customize your chat button.

API Works with Description Product
JSON API Userlike API requests Use our JSON API to manage your chats and offline messages or to change the Operator status remotely. Mind the API rate limits. Business
Remote API JavaScript Take total control over the chat approach mode with our Remote API. It enables you to configure the chat client individually for each page of your website. Team
Userlike Messenger API JavaScript Control the Chat Widget behavior through the Userlike Messenger API. It allows you to define the start and flow of your chat communication based on your website's behavior, events, and functions. Flex
Custom Button API JavaScript If you don't want to use the built-in Userlike chat button, you can add your own HTML element to trigger the chat function. All
Custom User Data JavaScript With Custom User Data you can send application-specific Webvisitor data into the Userlike chat session. All
Remote API - Google Tag Manager JavaScript In this tutorial we will show you the detailed process of an advanced chat setup using the Userlike Remote API and Google Tag Manager. All

Chatbots & others

We want to make the integration of your robotic helpers into your live chat setup as simple as possible. To do so, we offer two ways of connecting your existing bot framework to Userlike.

API Works with Description Product
Chatbot HTTP API Chatbot API requests You can easily create your own service bots and integrate them with your Userlike account using our chat infrastructure. Flex
Chatbot XMPP API Chatbot integration via XMPP Protocol (Legacy) If you want to connect your chatbots via XMPP, you will find the necessary pointers in this tutorial. Please note that future chatbot development will focus on our HTTP Chatbot integration, so you might consider switching to that. Team
RequireJS API JavaScript You can load our Chat Widget loader code with RequireJS, too. It's totally simple and you're able to pass additional options to configure the Widget setup. All