Slack Tutorial


Slack is a team communication tool which offers one-on-one messaging, private groups, persistent chat rooms, direct messaging as well as group chats organized by topic. Subscribe to a set of events for which you will receive notifications to your configured chat channel.

Register account

Step 1

Within your Userlike Dashboard, head to the "Config" section and select Add-on Settings. Then click the slider icon to the right of your Slack add-on.

Step 2

Enter your webhook URL.

Slack Credentials

To get a webhook URL in Slack, start by selecting "Customize Slack" in your team menu.

On the next page, select "Configure Apps" from the menu.

From there, search for "Userlike" or select the app from your applications overview.

Finally, click on "Add Configuration" and follow the instructions before receiving your webhook URL for Userlike.

Event Subscription

You can configure your add-on and subscribe to a set of events that you would like to receive message for in your Slack channel.

offline_messagereceiveReceive a message for each new offline message you receive.
chat_metastartReceive a message for each new chat session.
chat_metaforwardReceive a message when a chat session gets forwarded.
chat_metaratingReceive a message when a chat session receives a rating.
chat_metafeedbackReceive a message when a chat session receives a feedback.
chat_metasurveyReceive a message when a chat session receives a survey.
chat_metareceiveReceive a message when a chat session ends and the conversation is finished.
chat_metagoalReceive a message when a goal was reached.
chat_widgetconfigReceive a message when a chat widget configuration changes.
operatoronlineReceive a message when an operator goes online.
operatorofflineReceive a message when an operator goes offline.
operatorawayReceive a message when an operator goes away.
operatorbackReceive a message when an operator comes back.
miscchatbutler_incomingReceive a message when a new chat session is waiting.

Sending offline messages to Slack

After the configuration process you can send offline messages to Slack. This will send a new message to your Slack channel.

Sending chat transcripts to Slack

The same function is available for sending chat transcripts to Slack. It is also possible to trigger this action from a chat session with a chat command.

  • $slack - Send Slack message from current chat

Sending Chat Butler events to Slack

Chat Butler is a simple chatbot that automatically responds to chat requests when no Operator is immediately available, repeatedly notifying your service team that a chat is waiting (full Chat Butler tutorial).

You can receive these notifications in your Slack channel by configuring the respective webhook as described above and check the box for "Incoming chat from Chat Butler":