Dropbox Tutorial


Dropbox is a free online backup service that lets you bring your documents anywhere and share them easily. Use our Dropbox integration to create files from your chats and offline messages to keep track of your Webvisitors' interactions.

Register account

Step 1

Go to the Add-on-section and select the Dropbox configure option.

Step 2

Just configure the add-on to fit your needs. Then click "Update settings".

Step 3

Next, you have to authorize our add-on to access your Dropbox account.

Step 4

We will redirect you to your Dropbox account. If you have not been logged in there already you have to do so now.

Step 5

Once you allowed access you'll be redirected to your Dropbox add-on configuration in the Userlike Dashboard.

The add-on is now ready to use. Please note that here you can always re-authorize access to your Dropbox account, e.g. when you accidentally revoked access in your Dropbox settings.

Sending offline messages to Dropbox

After the configuration process you can send offline messages to Dropbox. This will create a new file.

Sending chat transcripts to Dropbox

The same function is available for sending chat transcripts to Dropbox. You can also trigger the action from a chat session with a chat command.

  • $dropbox - Create Dropbox file from current chat