CleverReach Tutorial


CleverReach allows you to create emails, send them securely, manage recipients and evaluate the success of your campaigns. With our integration you can easily add your Userlike chat contacts to your email contact lists.

Register account

Step 1

Go to the Addons section and select the CleverReach configure option.

Step 2

Here you can enter your API token, List ID and form name.

CleverReach Credentials

To receive your List ID, select "Lists" in the Dashboard, then click on the dropdown box in the far right before selecting "Settings".

Your List ID will be displayed on the right.

You can find your token in your CleverReach account settings. Go to "Account" in your Dashboard, then click on "Extras" and select "SOAP API".

Select "Create API Key" in the upper right. Click on the gear icon to give it read/write access privileges.

You must then choose a form which belongs to this list and then provide the name to fulfill the configuration of the CleverReach addon. To do this, select the "Forms" option in the Dashboard. You can either copy the name of an existing form or create a new form in the upper-right.

Sending offline messages to CleverReach

After the configuration process you can send offline messages to CleverReach. This will send a subscription email to your customer.

Sending chat transcripts to CleverReach

The same function is available for chat transcripts. You can also trigger the action from a chat session with a chat command.

  • $cleverreach - Create CleverReach subscriber from current chat