CentralStationCRM Tutorial

Step 1

Go to the Addons section and select the CentralStationCRM configure option.

Step 2

Here you can enter your CentralStationCRM URL and your API token.

CentralStationCRM Credentials

Your API token can be found by selecting your profile in the upper right then by selecting "My settings".

At the bottom of the next page, select "Manage external applications (API)" to view your API.

The next page lists all configured API keys.

Sending Offline Messages

After the configuration process you can send offline messages to CentralStationCRM. This will create a new contact person and a ticket.

Sending chat transcripts to CentralStationCRM

The same function is available for sending chat transcripts to CentralStationCRM. You can also trigger the action from a chat session with a chat command.

  • $centralstationcrm - Create CentralStationCRM contact and note from current chat